Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Latest

I know it has been FOREVER since I updated this thing but life has been extremely crazy for the past two months straight! My trip to California was wonderful. So wonderful in fact that we are moving back week!! We had a lot of things that needed to come together before I wanted to actually tell everyone. And...we've been so busy since it all came together that I have completely neglected this blog.

On the running front...I have been a HUGE slacker. I've been away from home almost more than I have been home in the past two months and it has been very difficult to stay on schedule. I'm really looking forward to being settled in California so that I can get back into my workout groove. I was doing alright for the most part and then a few weeks ago I flew out of town for work and TSA totally mucked up my luggage. And wouldn't you know it, they lost ONE of my running shoes. was the one with the Nike chip in it. Oh well! So I have replaced them and I'm all geared up again.

Stay tuned and I will get this thing updated regularly again soon. I have several friends that are doing the triathalon thing and its got me extremely intrigued. So...I see that in my future after the move. I still want to tackle the half marathon and then marathon first! Then...start with small triathalons and would love to eventually do a half Ironman! But...I need to get the half marathon out of the way first.

I'll be in June Lake next Friday! I'm sure it will take a little time to get adjusted and all but seriously ready to back in action!

Until next time...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

That'd be me!

Guess who got second place last weekend?! That'd be me! I ran the Day In The Country 5K in Madison and won second place in my age group. I was pretty surprise to say the least! For those of you in Madison, it was at Chapel of the Cross and ran over into part of Reunion. If you know the area, it is extremely hilly. There were areas that felt like I was on a stair stepper because they were pretty steep. But...I finally got in sync on the hills and it was a fairly easy run overall. And...I have a second place medal now! I'm going to run another one this weekend in Vicksburg but I have a feeling there will be a lot more people running it. Should be fun either way!

I'm headed to California in a week and have a lot on my agenda while I'm out there. I can't give away all of my secrets but...I'll be busy for sure! I have a lot of info to share *soon* but want all of the ducks in a row before I spill it! Very exciting times right now! Stay tuned...

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It is amazing how fast time flies by sometimes. Work has been very busy lately along with life in general!

Running has been going really well lately! I've started running longer distances again and so far my knee is hanging in there. When I wasn't running as much my pace improved but as I started running longer distances I realized I couldn't hang! So, I've had to slow down...which is difficult for me! I must admit though, pace makes a huge impact on my long distance runs.

I was pretty bummed this past weekend when I realized that I totally missed out on the Wells Fest 5K! I intended to run it but with everything else going on, it totally slipped my mind. I looked into the next few races and may one run downtown this weekend. Next weekend, there is a race in Vicksburg and you run across the old MS River bridge. However, it is under construction and they may move the location of the race. I'm not sure I'd want to run anywhere else over there. The hills around that place would be rough! I'm all about doing some running while I'm at mom's in the mountains in a couple weeks but I'm not a big fan of huge hills on race day!

Aside from running, I'm waiting on my copy of P90X - a pretty intense workout program. I've been going to the gym and love working out there, but this program is supposed to be pretty hardcore. According to one of my best friends, I'm not tough enough for it! But...I think I can do anything that I want to I am! :) I'll probably track my progress through the program on here as well. It may be a joke at first but...I'm gonna give it my best shot!

Here is where I'll be running in two weeks!! And, I think its even prettier in person. Don't be jealous! :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

And it continues

Temperatures are FINALLY starting to drop in the south so it isn't quite as miserable to run as it was initially. One morning last week I was actually cold (*gasp* did I really just say that?) when I got finished running! Granted, it was 5:00 in the morning so there was still a little chill in the air. It is still pretty warm most days but much more bearable than the 100 degree summer runs. I think I'll probably go get some cool weather gear soon. Shorty shorts and tanks just aren't going to cut it much longer!

Now that I am looking into running the marathon in February, I will probably have to adjust my schedule quite a bit. There are several different programs that I could run but I am pretty comfortable with the one I am using now. There is a program that is designed to only have one long run day whereas the program I am on now has two potentially long run days each week. I think I'm just going to stick with the one that I am on for now and switch later on as things get closer. I may just stay with this program for the half-marathon and then go to the other program for the full marathon. Before I switch anything though, I have to figure out if I am even going to run the full marathon!

Aside from running, life is pretty much sailing along like always. It is hard to believe that in just a few months Bodie will be 2! It seems like just yesterday John and I were still DINKs (Double Income, No Kids) and now we're all wrapped up in parenthood. I absolutely wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. Bodie's word of the month is Tank eeewww. (Thank you - for those of you unfamiliar with toddler speak.) He has the sweetest little manners and says tank eeewww after almost everything. He has a fascination with birds right now (buurr - toddler speak again) and loves to watch them. And, he loves to help put on shoes - his, mine, John's, anyone's. He's getting so independent already! John took some great pictures of him last night that he still has to proof. As soon as they are done, I'll post them!

Have a great week, everyone!

Friday, September 19, 2008


I have had visitors! TONS of them! Not to my house...right here, to my blog! I logged in this morning to see the stats on the blog and I was AMAZED to see that I had a 900% increase in traffic yesterday! Once I checked out the sources of the traffic, I realized that my mom had posted a link to it from a website she is a part of. all of you from HS&S...Thanks for stopping by!

And now...back to your regularly scheduled program :)

Monday, September 15, 2008


A friend of ours is going to run the Mardi Gras marathon in New Orleans next year and he wants me to run it with him. I've never even considered running a full marathon up until now. And...coincidentally (or maybe not) the half marathon we are going to run in Madison happens to fit right into the training schedule that we would need to be on for the full marathon. Geeeeeeezzz! I want to say yes but I must admit that I'm a little scared. I know I can do it if I put my mind to it but I'm not sure I'm ready to put my mind to it! I'm excited about the prospect of running it but I'm not sure that I want to put myself through the torture of the full. (Secretly...This might sound silly but I would definitely love one of those 26.2 stickers for my car. haha!)

I'll definitely be thinking on it for a while. Thankfully, I don't have to decide today!
The slacking continues when it comes to updating this! OOPS!

I'm still running and working out and all of that good stuff. Life has been pretty busy lately between family and work and play. There are all sorts of things in the works at home so that has been very time consuming lately.

As for the running, I've been taking things pretty slow lately. I did buy a little knee band that has seemed to help. And...its pink so its even got some a little bit of cute factor about it! I ran three days last week but never went over three miles. I've really been babying the knee and it seems to have helped. I've had no pain at all lately so I should be back on the normal schedule pretty quickly.

I had my mom check with Chris about dates for personal training while I'm in June Lake. As luck would have it, he will be in Kona, Hawaii on the 11th for the 2008 Ironman race! Of course! He will be back towards the end of the week so I should still get to meet with him. Unfortunately, it probably won't be the training session I was hoping for but that is completely understandable!

Today is a light week for running. 3 miles on Tuesday/Thursday and 4 miles for Sunday Runday!

"Good things come slow - especially in distance running." - Bill Dellinger